If you are having any problems with the digital editions,

please check here for some common issues:

ISSUE #2: I CAN login, but nothing is loading. I just see a blank screen.

Possible Reason: The desktop version of the reader runs on Adobe Flash Player. Please make sure your computer has the latest version installed. It is a free download at get.adobe.com/flashplayer  After installing Flash, you may need to close your Internet program and then reopen to clear the cache (memory).

ISSUE #3: I cannot login to the app on my smart phone.

Please make sure that you are using the correct app:

The app that works for your subscription can be found here:  iPhone  and Android versions.

The app will show up inside of the Newsstand app as the latest magazine cover or a white icon.  You can login under the settings (gear) icon as described HERE.

We also have an app for TheWolverine.com for iPhones and Android here:  http://thewolverineondemand.com/thewolverine-com/  This app will appear with  a yellow icon on your device home screen, which is how you can tell that it is not the magazine app.

NOTE: The login for TheWolverine.com app requires a paid membership with Rivals. However, there are some free articles on there too, and the recruiting database, rosters and schedules are all available without a login. There are even several free message boards, if you would like to chat with fellow fans.