About The Wolverine

1. What is The Wolverine magazine? 

Since 1989, The Wolverine has been covering all Michigan sports with an emphasis on football, basketball, hockey, and football and basketball recruiting. The print publication comes out monthly for 11 full-color issues each year. In addition, during football season subscribers will have access to twice-a-week online newsletters, posted Thursday and Sunday, that will preview and recap, respectively, each week’s football game — a total of 26 online newsletters in all. AND in July, subscribers also receive the annual Michigan Football Preview magazine, more than 160 glossy full-color pages all about U-M football.

2. Is the online edition of The Wolverine the same as TheWolverine.com?

No. The editorial content and approach is completely different. Our goal is to make TheWolverine.com the “USA Today” of Michigan sports with daily recruiting updates, news items, recruit videos, press conference coverage and more. We want The Wolverine to be the “Sports Illustrated” of U-M athletics with player features, extensive game coverage, columnists, analytical articles, stats, historical stories and much more. TheWolverine.com is a separate subscription from The Wolverine magazine.

3. If I already subscribe to the print edition of The Wolverine can I also get the online edition?

Yes and it is FREE for you. Simply click an issue and log in with your subscription number.

4. Do I need any special software or browsers to view the pages?

No, you only need to have JavaScript turned on, however, since all browsers come preconfigured with this setting on by default, simply make NO changes and you will be ready to view the digital editions.  Tablet users can also enjoy the digital editions on their devices.

5. What do I do if I have a problem with the site?

Call us toll free at 800-421-7751 (Monday-Friday, 10-4 ET), or send us an email.