The Wolverine Subscription 1-Year (Print & Digital)


The Wolverine Subscription 1-Year (Print & Digital) 1000
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The Wolverine covers all sports at U-M with an emphasis on football, basketball and recruiting.

Your subscription includes three parts:

  • The Wolverine magazine - published monthly for a total of 11 full-color issues annually. (June/July is a combo issue.) Issues are mailed via U.S. postal service.
  • The annual Michigan Football Preview Magazine (published in July) - a glossy, full-color, action-packed magazine (160 pages) full of great information about the upcoming season.
  • The Wolverine Now - our digital newsletter published during the season each Sunday and Thursday of a game week. Sunday's issue covers highlights of the game just played, and Thursday's issue previews the upcoming opponent. Additional newsletters are scheduled for a minimum 26 newsletters available via internet.


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Forty Years In The Big House

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Forty Years In The Big House